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Established in 1990 the Bureau of International Education Programs “Direct Talk” is one of the oldest international education agencies in Russia successfully providing advising, consulting, promoting and advertising services and assisting students in every step of their education journey. 
We cover a wide range of regions in Russia and other CIS countries, including Belarus, Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. We are one of few agencies that offer high quality consulting services and assistance to prospective international students from remote cities and settlements where information about international educational institutions is limited.  
We have an established solid track of students sent to various educational programs in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, including undergraduate and graduate studies, language courses, certificate and diploma programs, middle and high schools, foundation and pathway programs. To mention a few of our partners SFU, ICM, Wilfred Laurier University, Vermont University, Maine University, University of New Haven, Navitas, Macquarie University, Monash University, Swansea University, Robert Gordon University, Fulford Academy, Bodwell School, Columbia International School, MacDuffie School, Ross School, Cheshire Academy, Darlington School, ELS, ELC, Global Village, NESE. 

Our mission
Working with students and partner schools, we are faithful to the idea that education abroad should be the stage in every person's life where rapid personal and professional development starts accompanied by cultural borders spreading and improved quality of life.
We believe that by giving access to international education to more people we contribute to the development of intercultural connections and tolerance, so crucial in the modern world.
We help our clients make their study abroad experience pleasant and valuable, from the first meeting with our education consultants to the commencement ceremony.
We contribute to the development of international connections in academic and business spheres.

Our team
Our team is comprised of young, enthusiastic and highly professional managers and consultants. Their profile includes one or more of the following: study and/or work abroad in an English speaking environment; education in Linguistics/Translation; English language competency certificates. They are to ensure all prospective international students have necessary support and proper documentation on file and are fully prepared to study abroad.

Our services

  • Career strategy development from secondary school, language courses to postgraduate programs of all types;
  • Selection of school and program with excellent reputation that will best fit the needs, talents, interests, and budget of the client;
  • Assistance in program and course choice and booking;
  • Coordination of application process and placement procedure of the client into the educational institution of choice;
  • Arrangement of comfortable accommodation for clients within their budget and location preferences;
  • Correspondence with school officials on behalf of the client;
  • Preparation for visa interview;
  • Preparation of all the necessary application forms and other documents;
  • Assistance with visa related questions;
  • Air tickets booking and airport transfer arrangement;
  • Preparation of custodianship documents;
  • Pre-departure orientation and advising;
  • Support of the client during the period of studying in the designated educational institution;
  • Assistance with transfer to a different educational institution if needed.

 How we work
We conduct open seminars and fairs together with the representatives of international educational institutions and potential students, during which we discuss all the nuances of application process, living and studying in a foreign country, share the experience of other student and our own experience, give advice on how to make studies abroad a positive experience.
We offer advising services in our office, by telephone, Skype, or e-mail, aiming to give full and truthful information about all types and levels of education abroad. We help our clients find the optimal educational solution for their professional goals and interests.
We assist our clients in preparing application documents for the international educational institution and student visa to the country of destination. For decades of work we have collected a lot of experience on how to prepare financial and other types of documents, as well as advise students on writing successful motivation letters, formulating their study objectives and passing university and visa interviews. We are always happy to share our experience and expertise.
We support our clients during their educational journey, keeping in touch with their school representatives, helping them in problematic situations before and after the departure, and cheering about their successes.   

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Отзывы студентов

 О том, как научиться жить, качественно учиться и успешно работать за рубежом, рассказывает инженер Дмитрий Воробьёв, выпускник шотландского университета и сотрудник нефтесервисной компании Subsea 7

Дмитрий Воробьёв окончил «Уфимский государственный нефтяной технический университет» и поступил на программу Engineering Management в один из шотландских университетов в 2007 году. После окончания Дмитрий был принят на работу в нефтяную компанию Subsea 7 в качестве Senior Project Engineer, где сейчас и работает. В этой статье Дмитрий делится с нами своими впечатлениями и опытом жизни, учёбы и работы за рубежом.

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